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Dear nuun,

They say that we runner-types are plagued with loneliness.  That we are driven to run long miles by ourselves.  That we don’t understand the meaning of teamwork.  But nuun says, “Let’s prove them wrong!”.

By proposing to put together an all-female, all-blogger team in the Hood to Coast Relay, nuun dares to show the world that solo runners from all corners of the continent would love to come together and be part of a well-hydrated team.  And this is a team on which I belong!

What can I offer to team nuun??  I will give team nuun exactly what nuun gives me……

Zero Sugar: Well … unfortunately, I am hardly zero sugar myself.  I have an incurable sweet tooth.


nuun on the course

Friends at work know that my cupboard is filled with high-fructose corn syrup candy.  I have a stash of candy right here at my desk.

But, when it comes to running, sugarless nuun flavours hit the spot and don’t leave me hunting for a creek to wash off that sticky feeling.

Portable: I’m compact and easy to fit into a tight spot, just like a tube of nuun.  I’m always ready to go when you are and I don’t have a high maintenance bone in my body!  I know that team van has room for me!

Balanced (the perfect mix): I have found balance in many parts of my life – work vs play; talking vs listening; fun vs competition; running vs dancing; mountainous vs undulating; nuun

vs beer.  Everything in my life has its place and is given an equal opportunity to shine.  And the bonus is that I get to stay hydrated throughout!

what should I wear today?

Refreshing:  It would be too bold to claim that I am as refreshing as nuun, but I have been told that I can be a breath of fresh air when tensions are high and a lot is at stake.  Humour, wit and an easy-going attitude could prove quite refreshing during a 200 mile stage run with 12 women!  Besides, I don’t sweat – I glisten.

Ten (+) Flavours:  One for each type of training I do:

Citrus Fruit – my go-to  flavour for a 10 km loop of trails after work

Tri-Berry – for that same 10 km loop, but with a flashlight and headlamp through the dark of winter

Kona Cola -mixed with sustained energy (tastes like a coke float) and is perfect during the back half of a 50 mile trail race

choices… choices…

Lemon Lime – hill workout?  I’m all over it!

Fruit Punch – speed workout on the track.  The taste of pain!

Tropical  – for my zumba dance class.   It tastes like a salsa cruise.

Orange Ginger – my short and sweet bike commute to and from work

Banuuna – for road running, trying to avoid all those car-driving monkeys

powered by nuun for STORMY 50 miler

Grape – long gruelling mountain run/hike with a sweet and fast descent

Strawberry Lemonade – my NEW favourite flavour, especially  for 50 km race day

Lemon-Tea  – a kick of caffeine for those early race mornings or for a pick-me-up after 6 hours on the trail!

Easy-To-Use: No user manual needed for me.  Simply put shoes on my feet, fill my bottle with nuun and point me in the right direction.  I’ll get the job done with a smile and be ready for more.

Earth Conscious: Unsustainable is unacceptable, so get on board.  I live it and I teach it.  I appreciate every effort that companies take to care for the Earth.  Thank you, nuun!

ready when you are!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

Dr. Seuss in The Lorax

I offer myself to you, nuun.  I would love the chance to be part of your team.  I promise to run hard, drink a lot and spread the word!

top o’ the world!

In hydration,


I forgot that I have a blog.  It completely slipped my mind.  In fact, I had to make 9 password attempts before I could log in just now.  So I figure that I better stay long enough to add a new post before another season goes by.  Or before blogging becomes obsolete.  Has it really been 6 weeks since I sat down and wrote?  It has.  And in that same block of time, I didn’t read anyone else’s blog.  I have been blog-free.

It is the same with my cell phone.  A few weeks will go by before I notice that it hasn’t been charged and has quietly died at the bottom of my school bag.  I was struck by this the other day as I had after-work drinks with friends.  Everyone had their phones out on the table or close by in their bags.  These phones were beeping and ringing and vibrating the whole time.  Luckily, my friends are the high-quality type who won’t interrupt a face-to-face conversation because an appliance calls to them.  But, all the same, it gave me pause.  Why is my phone silently dying from under-use while others consider it a top priority?  Why haven’t I jumped on board?

Let’s consider a few things about me.  I like shiny things.  I accessorize.  I like being in touch with people.  All of this makes me think that I would be a candidate for a shiny accessory that keeps me accessible to people.  But it doesn’t work that way.

I can’t stand answering my land-line phone at home.  Rarely is it someone that I know and sometimes it is someone that I am avoiding.   B and I will often wait each other out to see who will cave in first to answer the damn thing.   I am one of those people who won’t answer the phone during the dinner hour and is unimpressed if it rings between 9 and 9.  Email falls into the same category.  That little red flag usually means that work/demands/obligations will quickly follow.   But, at least with an email, you can put off answering for a little while whereas with a phone call you have to be ready to perform the moment that you answer.  I will never be the type to have a hands-free device for the car or make a call while I’m in the grocery store line-up.  These places are too public for the type of conversation that I prefer.

To me, hi-tech gadgets simply get in the way of real conversations about real situations with real people.  I need real emotions and real interactions.  I don’t want to talk to you while you surf or text or check your vibrating blackberry.  Give me eye contact and I’m yours.

But here I am, writing a blog.  That seems to go against everything that I just wrote.  Yet perhaps blogging is my thing.  6 weeks can slip by without any sense of obligation or duty.  When I want to read about people’s experiences and their emotions, I can read a few blogs and feel that I have heard it from them.  And when I finally have something to write (and when I remember my password), I can convince myself that I have your whole-hearted attention.  And if I don’t – then you wouldn’t have read this far down the page!

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