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It has been a year since Dave took his life.  I have lost count of the times that I have thought about him.  I see faces reminiscent of his in movies and in the grocery store line.  I remember his intelligence and the way that he made me stretch my thinking.  I look back on the debates he would invite me into and the feeling of being beyond my comfort zone.  I think about his favourite trail runs and have tried to run a few of them this year in his memory.  I have caught myself thinking about how he attacked the uphills and I sometimes try to use his sideways hiking technique.  I stand in lakes or creeks after races and think about how he did this long before it was a commonly-known recovery strategy.  I think of his boyish look and how he managed for so long to defy age.  I recall the silly tea-cozy hat that he would wear on bowling night. I remember the grief that his family wore so openly at his funeral and the shock that ran through the running community.

Dr Dave Terry

Dr Dave Terry

I still feel a huge loss in my heart.  I believe that this wonderful person perhaps did not realize what an impact he had.  I wish that he knew, for perhaps then, he would be here.

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